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Even AI is concerned about Saving Wildlife. Why aren't we?

Updated: Mar 8

We are celebrating "Inspired from within" CONTENT with a WILDLIFE focus all March in sync with World Wildlife Day (March 3). And here is an AI-generated "A Poet's Plea for the Wild Things" Article to inspire the Creator in you:

an angry cheetah in the wild

The dawn stretches its fingers of light, painting the canvas of morning across meadows where dewdrops cling like diamonds. A chorus of birdcalls erupts, each note a vibrant thread woven into the symphony of a waking world. In this tapestry of nature, my soul finds its anchor, my spirit its voice. For I am a poet, a scribe of the whispering wilds, a witness to the majesty of life that pulsates in every grain of earth, every feather of flight.

Yet, a shadow creeps across this sunlit Eden. The symphony seems to falter, a note missing here, a verse silenced there. The threats to our wildlife, a stark symphony of their own, echo with the clang of chains, the roar of bulldozers, the silent poison of pollution. Habitat shrinks, food becomes scarce, and the very threads of their existence unravel.

But amidst the lament, let us also sound a chorus of hope. For we, the lovers of the wild, are not powerless. We stand like poets wielding pens sharpened not with ink, but with action. We stand as defenders of the whispers of the forest, the secrets of the oceans, the dreams sung by the stars in the eyes of a tiger.

Let us raise our voices for the pangolins, armored in scales yet vulnerable to greed. Let us speak for the elephants, wise giants marching towards an uncertain future. Let us amplify the calls of the coral reefs, vibrant cities beneath the waves, gasping for breath under the weight of our neglect.

This is not a lament for what is lost, but a clarion call for what we can save. Support the hands that heal, the voices that speak for the voiceless. Organizations that work for wildlife conservation, they toil like unseen heroes, stitching the tattered tapestry of nature back together, thread by thread. Lend them your voice, your skills, your resources.

Let us become poets of action, scribing our love for the wild in acts of conservation. Reduce your footprint, choose sustainable products, spread awareness, nurture the green havens near you. Every action, however small, ripples outwards, a pebble creating waves of change.

For nature is not ours to plunder, but a trust for generations to come. Let us be poets who write verses of resilience, chapters of coexistence, a future where the symphony of life plays on, undimmed and glorious. Remember, the whispers of the wild deserve not just our ears, but our hands, our hearts, our unwavering commitment.

This March, let us pick up our pen, not to mourn, but to create. Let us write, with every action, a future where the wild sings on, forever.

We are accepting submissions of "Wildlife Inspired" Poetry, Nature Writing/Prose, anecdotes, stories, and other written content for the Magazine" - connect with us via email at or Instagram at @beinganearthling

Read inspired WILDLIFE POETRY by Poetry Earthlings at @poetry_earthlings.

A white fox looking sad in the wild

About the Author:

This article is AI-generated and is part of the series "being an earthling in the age of AI" to raise awareness and help Creators stay relevant in the age of Artificial Intelligence.


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