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I Feel Poetry, that's How and When I Write -

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

A Poem.

When people ask me how I write poetry...

I want to tell them:

On a sleepless night when the whole neighborhood feels like a distant Galaxy and the anxious thoughts invades the small colony of my sleep. My sleep becomes a ship putting a fight relentlessly to drown in the violent storm of exhaustion but the dredge of anxiety keeps my eyes a clean palette, that is when I write rage driven poems.

When I deep down know I should have been a giant octopus under the sea of quiet that doesn't want any human interaction but still I feel my tentacles tingle and my two hearts pump for a fictional character who has a wicked sense of humor. That's how and when and why I write love poems.

The puppy that my neighbor owns is starved and I can see his bones from the first floor window. He lies in the mud, sad but still mischievous. I feed him biscuits with stealth mode on and he yelps in pure joy with the biscuit between his teeth and his little paws on my calves and his little tail like a helicopter blade - that's how and when I write sad poems.

Poem and Text by Sasha Samuel.

About the Poet:

Sasha Samuel is her pen name, which is a blend of her own and her mother's name. Sasha lives in Manchester of Tamil Nadu, India. She has had always harboured a curiosity, ever since childhood to write poetry, and prefers life inside a book as opposed to reality echoing her love for fantasy and romance. She has published her own fantasy novel, available in Wattpad.

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