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"MORNING - the purest feeling": a Novel by Avilasha Sarmah

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

My novel “MORNING – the purest feeling” - has been titled with a singular purpose – to make the reader feel the way we usually feel in the morning, an organic freshness, the taste of literal beginnings, and new energy.


A man who loves to travel and has crafted his life around it, becomes homesick. His wanderlust is suddenly a pain, costing him his sanity. A woman who has a perfectly secure life, longs to let go and walk into uncertain chaos, with the hope that she feels alive.

If this sounds familiar, it is. Because MORNING is supposedly in each of us, even if, in bits and pieces.

When the lead characters meet, it triggers a series of subtle explosions, enhancing their existential crisis to eruption.

The Purest Feeling - about:

If you allow, the book will bestow you with your own questions and answers, and send you on an inner exploration.

To the Traveler in You:

Now the interesting part is, the story has a travel backdrop. Offbeat Indian locations have been featured in detail, coinciding with the author’s anecdotes, transcending metro cities, historical lake towns, the Himalayas, tropical spaces, wildlife, and the sea in its many moods.

Hear ye, Millennial!

There is also a set of supporting characters that delve into topics like marriage, self-worth, online dating, sexuality (LGBTQ), careers, and most importantly, the gory details of human relationships.

So basically, think of MORNING as a trip. You feel the restlessness before it starts. Yet, you go for it because the craving to feel good is stronger. So as you slip into the travel mode, you find yourself floating. Then as it becomes as easy as breathing, you are blown over, fears subsiding and at peace. Just like you usually do every morning.

Buy or Read "MORNING: the purest feeling" by clicking the link below:

About the Author:

Avilasha Sarmah is the Human behind this site also known as storyteller_earthling.


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