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Nature's Summer: through the eyes of a Poet.

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

The Mid-Summer Ceremony

by Douglas Thornton

Never sunlight,

Never golden,

But the sound of the world

Asleep, to remind me

Of the moment

Evening voices

Followed the creek, by thorn

And drooping berry past

Our dwelling grounds,

With smoke from fires

Kindled of wild-born sage.

Figures born to nature

Now far away,

If with those least

Aware who think to see

Their solitude released


Find in lonely

Heart joy’s unobtrusive

Care, blaming their employ,

How could the search

Of calm desire

Fill a spiritual

Voice, without word or phrase,

To bend its wing

On memory’s

Conceit, and like the rain

To fall, drape a misty

Shadow across

The thing they call?

The thickness of the fog,

The waters where I bathe,

In holding back

What they embrace

Disperse amongst the land

That solemn breath, infused

By lore of song

And floating voice,

Untold divinity

Beyond the manifest.

So men stuck out

In storms return

At last with humble heart

Unto their homes, nor leave

Their safe retreats

Without accord.

But who in falling

Darkness not unhindered

Seeks a sacred

Grove, and passage

Gives, along with anxious

Hope, unfeigned existence

To humankind?

A boat remains,

Of one that passing tribe

Whose steps another way


Of his native

Clime and the elements

Of the arbitrary

World, fixed a spot

Where standing pines

Would rise above the creek

Where his devotion hides.

And if the winds

That blow the fowl

Upon the distant banks

Of rivers; or delayed

By sun-lit clouds

His steps forget

The path goes whither men

Before him walked alone,

Will everything

In appearance

Persist; for when catching

Up to him, nothing more

Corrupt remains

Than demanding

Witness of passerby.

About the Poet:

Douglas Thornton is an English teacher living in France. He has published a book of poetry (Woodland Poems) and a collection of prose (Seasons Of Mind) while currently maintaining a website:

You can connect with him on Instagram at @from__a__poet.

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