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Poem for the 'Only ONE Earth' - Environment Day 2022

I breathe in, breathe out, breathe…in and out, in and out:

Continual, finite, I keep breathing, involuntary, unaware, callous;

While perfect conditions, customized to my needs, take care of all;

Trapped in a body beyond me, held down by gravity, and a racing mind that never sleeps –

Only one earth that keeps me rooted, builds my home -

Makes space for me to dream as I look skyward, an ever-changing mesh of colors and moods echoing mine;

So I leave behind this fight, and breathe in, breathe out, in and out, in and out;

Destiny's children, aren’t we earthlings?

Caught in time and space on ONLY ONE EARTH

This earth, a part of me as much as I am of her –

She is me, as I am her –

So, as I hurt her, I hurt only me –

Now tell me, who feels the pain?

Don’t lie.

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