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Reading & Writing "Nature Poetry" to September #septemberearthlings

How does September, the month as it is, make you feel?

In September, like all other months, the same sun rises and sets, the Moon goes through her age-old cycle and nature continues being - but like any other month too, if we look at September from a Poet's Eyes or via Poetry, we see the ordinary transform.

At Poetry Earthlings we began September in a similar poetic vein, as we read "Nature Poems" written to the Month by poets from across the planet. These poems for nature were written in response to a "poetry prompt" called #SEPTEMBEREARTHLINGS hosted by Poetry Earthlings in 2021. The prompt asked Poets to express how September made them feel or is colored in their part of the planet and to say it via a "Nature Poem".

As we experienced poetry written mostly in appreciation and awareness viz a viz the natural world, we could trace the variety, similarity, and uniqueness that echo every aspect of our beautiful planet. We were made aware of the value in intricacies and how nature impacts not only our cultures and livelihood but also our mental state and choices at the individual level. We were, even if momentarily, made aware of living mindfully and of tracing our connection with nature. And most importantly, we were able to "bring our focus back to nature".

Finally, these poems enhanced our life experience as we elevated the way we perceived an entire month with value, texture, and grace. So this year (2022) we embraced this month that gave back so much via poetry in honor and appreciation as we "read poetry to/for September" and launched the SECOND EDITION of the #SEPTEMBEREARTHLINGS prompt to "write a nature poem/poems inspired by September".

This Poetry Reading is a recorded version of an INSTAGRAM LIVE where Avilasha (the creator of Poetry Earthlings under was joined by Co-Host and Fellow Poet Clarita Iona (find her on Instagram as @acuriousmindscape). This Reading was hosted LIVE on Instagram on September 1st 2022.

The Poems Read are as follows with the Poet's Instagram Handles (in order of being read):

  1. A nature poem inspired by September by @acuriousmindscape

  2. A September poem by @a_poets_whispers

  3. A nature poem mentioning September's Harvest Moon by @thoughtsnpoeticforms

  4. September in New Zealand by @loredana_poetry

  5. The mingling of Nature and Culture, a poem by @storywrecked

  6. September by @shell_poet

  7. September love affair by @autumnalfyre

  8. Pale September after Fiona Apple by @parole_de_reveuse

  9. Come September by @thepoetrywindmill

  10. September poem by @joliver

  11. September by @rosa.g.words

  12. A September Acrostic by @bowski2022

  13. September by @quilloftegoddess

  14. September by @kindle.downs

  15. September by @sabrinas_poems

  16. "Spring Wedding" by @loveletters_ransomnotes

  17. September by @adanakaz_poetry

  18. A poem by @thestoryofgreen

  19. A September Poem by @storyteller_earthling

Visit the POETRY EARTHLINGS Instagram to read, write and be a part of the global nature poetry community.

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