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"BEING AN EARTHLING" has been a "molding the clay into a sculpture" vision of Avilasha Sarmah, a novelist, writer, and poet from India.

Avilasha, who has written and published two novels - MORNING (2021) and "When the Cuckoo Called" (2017), has been writing poetry, and poetry specifically about nature, since she was nine years old. But only when the pandemic forced us to thread deeper into our truth, did she start looking at poetry beyond just a cathartic exercise to rescue her from other people's idea of a "good life" to her own version.

So as she started writing poetry daily and sharing them on Instagram as STORYTELLER EARTHLING (her writer alter ego) since 2020, she stumbled upon the greater notion of "BEING AN EARTHLING" - that if this life is a journey and we are only visitors on earth, then isn't this trip inspiring us to use our "dominant creative forms" to create via our experiences?

In doing so, she came across a plethora of fellow poets, writers and creators from across the world and even accidentally created a "nature poetry community space" online known as POETRY EARTHLINGS.

This eventually culminated into this website to further the vision via more dynamic creative channels like a digital magazine, a podcast, and more.

Image by Michael Olsen
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