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being an earthling - the Podcast

Being an EARTHLING - what it means to you?

As we are on this planet briefly, we could think that as travelers, our life on Earth is the journey/trip we are on. What happens when we travel? We flow seeking the best the experience has to offer and are organically inspired to share this "joy" using whatever creative medium/form of expression we feel passionate about.

The "being an earthling" Podcast makes space for these "travelogues".

  • Because a travelogue contains the HIGH-lights of a journey and includes KEY themes to resonate upon which could help improvise our life experience as a whole. 

  • And most importantly, as we listen to others' stories, we can find assurance, inspiration, and solace in our own. 

  • Finally, it is one of the most interesting routes of "knowledge-sharing" to exist.

Don't you agree and relate?

Take a moment then, and reap their value! Click on the button below.

Podcast: Welcome
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