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What on Earth are Poetry Earthlings?!

The tiny male tungara frog needs to make the croakiest croak to attract a mate. But there is tough competition because the number of male frogs per female is more and everyone does the exact same. If he died without passing on his genes to the next generation, his sole purpose of existence would get refuted. And the scariest part is, his ultimate predator, the bat, relies on his croak to prey on him. So, on the night of fierce completion and dangling between life and death, the frogs have to risk it all to give one shot at survival.

The wild world battles survival every moment and taking the cue, this is my single shot at attracting the right interest or dunk into the internet ocean:

POETRY EARTHLING (previously Nature Gypsies) is a community/initiative crafted with the primary purpose of – “bringing our focus back to nature” via Poetry.

Why Poetry? Because as a Poet with Nature as my principal muse, this is my strength.

And why focus on “nature”? Because, why not?!

  • When we “bring the conversation and focus back to nature“, we remind ourselves of the importance of nature (We are nature. Period.)

  • It makes us sit up and take account of the ways we may be harming, detering, causing problems to the environment by our actvities. Well, the current world of pademics, pollution, and climate change (did the 2021 IPCC Report not confirm it already?), to name a few, is enough testament to it.

  • And while there are many passionate people and organizations working towards environmental conservation and cause, POETRY EARTHLINGS takes an alternate approach albeit joining the same global movement, by raising awareness through poetry”.

  • Adding purpose to poets and writers who already passionately write about their muse, by making them micro-ambassadors of change.

Beyond it all though, Poetry Earthlings is a space filled with “high, positive vibrations” which both nature and poetry inspired by nature carry. A space that will automatically uplift an observer, not just a poet or a nature lover, but anyone who chooses to “feel high”. And a visit to our Instagram Page will give you a glimpse of it.

Poetry Earthlings: Feature Story
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