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Climate Change is Real - A Poem that calls us out.

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Don't Let Us Burn

by APJ.Klein

Since time began,

We were to be stewards of the earth –

To nourish it and tend to it

And remember its shining worth –

You forgot –

You broke the promise –

Obscured the promise

Into lies

Lies that blackened ombre skies

Weighted them with smog and unfurling fog

I walked through it

My lungs were filled with


I looked to the sun

And was burned

Alight in a blaze of colour

Colour into coldness –

The ashes fell,

Like shadows on my skin.

It’ll be alright –

A longer summer –

We’ll toast to that tonight –

They’re laughing with each other in Parliament –

They’re hungering in Parliament

For not fruit

But paper –

The money printed by metal thumbs

And fuelled through an engine

Of unfiltered valour –

I utter a song

of scarlet anger,

only to be scorched

by the rain.

spring came and went,

far too soon –

you took it too soon

stripped the branches of their petals

and torched the berries that came through.

I ran to you,

for reconciliation –

you smiled

saying it would be okay –

I thought I saw day

, only to realise

it was another flame

devouring and destroying,

destructing and desolating

the extravagance

of a heavenly artist.

You let His works melt away –

running and streaming

streaking and screaming –

blotting out the vibrancy

oiling the furnace

so that you might devastate me.

I catch clouds on my fingertips

moon and stars

they’re blanched –

asobered spectacle

we cannot put them back –

a chalky white

the night’s symphony is muted,

plugged out by a cacophony –

a cacophony of your catastrophe

you wreathe your works in the dirt.

About the Poet:

Angelina Klein is a teenage poet and writer. She attends a youth council forum where she has the chance to voice her opinions, get involved in campaigns, and hold questionnaires with key members of the community. Her passion for preserving nature filters through her words; she participates in open-mic poetry evenings and has her work published on various sites. She wishes to spend all her days writing to make a difference and inspire, for she believes life deserves to be seen in full colour, and that sometimes to bring the colour to a greyscale scene, we must become the painter.

Connect with her on Instagram @apj.klein.poetry.


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