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Exploring the Secrets of Ferns: Awakening Nature's Mindfulness.

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

A wild woman takes us to the brooding wilds of South Wales, UK, in her tales and invites us to embrace Nature's Mindfulness:

A fern flowering in the wild filled with secret wisdom to tap into

In my home atop the rugged hills of Wales, an assortment of Fern grows abundantly throughout spring and summer. Tightly concealed Lady-Fern and Bracken fronds emerge from the shadows under the blossoming trees, unfurling into open frondescent sanctuaries, which sway in the breeze and dappled light that filters through the leafy, overhanging branches. An invasive and often domineering plant, they teem the roadside verges concealing spring’s earlier, daintier flowers such as daisies and bluebells as the season progresses. They line the hedges like stoic soldiers standing to attention and ferns such as the glossy, Hart’s-Tongue plug any remaining gaps in the diversified hedgerow, their singed leaves fading to yellow over time as they endure the soaring temperatures.

As the energy of summer draws ever near, we begin to feel a shift in our inner journey. The innocent lessons of new growth and fresh opportunity that we encountered in the earlier months of spring begin to give way to more fervent and mature energies. In this phase of growth, we can develop a sense of overwhelm as we begin to explore and embody our new sense of self. A raised level of consciousness paves the way for decisive action, seeking new depths and so the desire to shrink back into the shadows might look to be very appealing.

But nature is continuously awash with inspiration and insight, and during the coming months, she invites us to look towards the wild ferns for inspiration and kinship.

A fern unfurling inspiring us to unfurl our potential too.

Have you ever observed how elaborately the wild ferns unfurl? In opening up to their full potential they prompt us to reflect over where we are in our own growth journey, because just like the ferns, our true beauty is only ever released when we unfold our edges and liberate our true self and essence.

Unbind yourself of life-long conditionings and learned behavioural patterns that have prevented you from fully embodying the truth of who you are until now.




Reach up to the blue sky and realise how uniquely, imperfectly perfect you actually are.

Unfurling themselves, the ferns stand strong and tall, braving the elements. This is an inspiring image. That no matter what life has in store for you, know that not only can you endure it, but you can thrive.

A Nature Mindfulness Invitation:

I invite you to look closely at an assembly of ferns where you live and take a moment to really connect with this bold and inspiring, wild flora:

Begin by deepening the breath. If it helps, close your eyes and visualise your breath in your mind's eye. Inhale the restorative, green tonic, bringing it all the way down into the lower chakras. Watch it travel the length of your spine, nourishing each of your energy centres with revitalising zeal and as you exhale feel yourself sinking further into nature's surrounding energies. Continue this breathing exercise until you feel a deeper connection with your chosen ferns and when you are ready to do so, open your eyes.

wild flowers and ferns filled with nature's wisdom.

Paying close attention to the varying stages of the fern's growth cycle, ask yourself; which phase do I currently align with?

Don't overthink it. The whispers of the natural world aren't found in the conscious, overthinking mind. They are found in the stillness of mindful moments - the lull in the morning breeze, the space between each breath - it is here in the silence, that wise intuition unfolds.

Perhaps you feel that your soul truth is currently tightly concealed, akin to the closed fronds? You're unable to liberate yourself from the trappings of the mind and low self-esteem, keeping yourself small and guarded. Or maybe you have begun to explore your essence and are in the early stages of growth, similar to the freshly opened fronds? Run your fingers gently over the soft, delicate stems that are still vulnerable in their infancy - explore the mutual fragility as you both reveal yourselves for the first time. Or do you align with the flourishing, fully grown ferns that proudly fan out towards the light? Breathe in their ancient viridescent scent - pine-like, cool and earthy - and use it to ground yourself as you rejoice in the revelation of all that you are.

ferns in the wild inspiring us to live freely

Understanding the current phase of your personal growth journey helps you to determine how best to move forwards, one small step at a time. Look to this practice whenever you feel a sense of overwhelm and allow the wisdom of the ferns to guide you in unfurling to the heights of your current potential, so that you refrain from shrinking back into the shadows.

Stay beautiful and be Wild,

Jemma x

Meet the Wild Woman:

Jemma Louise Hunt is a poetic writer from South Wales, UK. She guides others in the art of Nature Connection, using the power of descriptive storytelling, poetry, and mindful invitations. Connect with her on Instagram @tales_fromawildwoman and share your own experiences using the exercises in this column.

Original Photos by the Author.

ferns inspiring us to be our authentic self the way we are.


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