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Here's How YOU can be the BUTTERFLY EFFECT in the Conservation of Monarchs

American pop culture favs, the migratory Monarchs, have been listed as "Vulnerable" by the International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The views in the article below are the Author's own.

a group of monarch butterflies looking like a piece of art

Butterflies have special significance to many people, myself included. Specifically, the Monarch Butterfly. It is believed that monarch butterflies are the returned Souls of Loved Ones. In fact, the Monarch's return to Mexico in November coincides with the celebration of Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

My first experience with Monarch Butterflies was when I was 6, after the loss of my mom. My nursery school teacher told me butterflies are heaven's messengers. She taught me how to take care of them from when they're eggs until they form a chrysalis and become a butterfly.

monarch butterfly on a milkweed plant

Their only source of food is the milkweed plant.

Unfortunately, there's an extreme shortage of milkweed plants due to several factors. Urbanization, the use of pesticides, and climate change are the main culprits.

Another fact to consider is monarch butterflies are a food source for small animals and other insects.

monarch butterfly on a milkweed plant

There's still time to save the Monarch Butterflies from extinction:

We can grow milkweed in cities on rooftops and balcony gardens, as well as planting bright flowers to attract butterflies.
We can be more diligent in our use of chemicals, especially those that end up on or in the Earth.
We can help track and monitor their migration as well as the location of milkweed plants by volunteering to become citizen reporters.

caterpillars of monarch butterflies on milkweed leaves

Of the monarchs that winter in the Western US, their population has declined by a heart-stopping 99%. Currently, there is a group that works to protect the butterflies that winter in California.

The group has taken steps to protect their natural habitats as well as creating butterfly sanctuaries as they need protection from storms.

Meet The Author:

This American Poet and Artist is a badass biker and warrior, mostly writing on deep, dark, and pressing thoughts, and occasionally uplifting Nature Poetry for the Poetry Earthlings prompts! Connect with them on Instagram.

a monarch butterfly on leaves


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