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Ignite the Solar Plexus Chakra via Summer’s Scarlet Flora.

Wild woman, Jemma Louise Hunt, takes you to the brooding wilds of South Wales via her words and images.

As we journey into August and the peak of summertide, we encounter increasingly intense energies under the deluge of summer storms and the enduring peal of thunder, often presenting symptoms of headaches and tingling sensations upon the surface of our skin. They are also found in the rising heat of the land. Emanating up from the ground, they connect with and ignite our own energy centers, gifting us with a new sense of courage and empowerment, before radiating back out into the world around us. It is an energy of raging fire and fork lightning, a reminder of our wild and tempestuous nature, and that we are all a force to be reckoned with - with the right nurture and encouragement.

This passional energy of summer can also be found in the floral landscape. Pay attention on your next walk or look around at your own garden, observing the changing shades of the flowers. Notice how their colours are louder and more vibrant than the gentle, pastel flowers of spring. They burst into the summer season bold and attention-grabbing, displaying fluorescent petals in a variety of colours ranging from yellow to orange, pink and purple, and of course the colour of passion itself; red.

Are you often drawn to the hypnotic red shades of the summer flowers? Do you find yourself fascinated by the deep, blood-red petals of the lilies? The scarlet roses that speak to us as a representation of romantic intensity? Or perhaps you are guided towards the fiery essence of flowers such as the Crocosmia Lucifer?

These impactful energies are available to empower us by stimulating our flailing confidence and burning away any lingering trepidation, as we reclaim our true, wild essence.

A Mindful Invitation:

For this month's mindfulness exercise in nature, I invite you to pay attention to the red flowers. Taking your time and without overthinking your choice, select a flower that you feel particularly drawn to. You might feel a kinship towards the colour, the formation pleasing to your eye. Be assured that by opening your heart space to the subtle whispers of the flowers you will eventually feel the pull to sit in communion with the bloom that is right for you.

Begin by standing or taking a seat before the flower of your choosing. Take off your shoes and sink your naked feet into the warm green grass, anchoring yourself to the present moment. Close your eyes and breathe in the scarlet essence, bask in the fire that rises from the earth. Invite it to connect with the fire that burns within your own body; the rotating yellow sphere of the solar plexus chakra. It is located just above your navel and is the energetical home of your power, drive, and determination.

Visualise it in your mind's eye, what does it look like to you? Does it shine brightly like a crystal, spinning rhythmically in a clockwise rotation? Or is it stagnant, a dormant vague glow hidden behind gathering mist, awaiting its resurgence?

Open your eyes and return your gaze towards the red flower of your choosing. Starting at the base, where the foliage gathers in leaves of varying shapes and sizes. Be it, curved, sword-shaped, blade-like, ridged and smooth, these leaves encase the flower ensuring it’s survival. We can take inspiration from this. Making sure that we encase our own souls with loving nurture and heartened words, creating a solid foundation as we emerge into the new versions of ourselves. This foundation helps to support us as we leave behind the herd mentality, instead taking our first hesitant, independent steps towards expressing ourselves fully, and striving for the life we truly deserve.

Begin breathing deeply, inhaling the cultivating, green energy of the leaves. Drink it all down, passing first through your throat chakra and then down into the heart; hold your breath for three seconds before exhaling. Do you feel the fluttering of loving connection, a sense of excitement igniting your heart chakra? Repeat this breathing exercise (including any personal affirmations or mantras that help you feel supported), for as long as you need to, or until your heart space feels warm and held.

And when you're ready bring your attention to the stem of your chosen flower. Follow it slowly, noting the change in energy colour from green to bronze, until you reach the glaring intensity of the red flower head. In your mind's eye, visualise this fervid, carmine energy. Sense how it exudes from the flower through tapered tendrils, reaching outward, waiting to connect with your stagnant solar plexus chakra.

If it helps you, you might like to close your eyes again as you call on the energy of fire to return to you with every breath, guiding it towards your power center above the navel. Visualise this connection similar to that of a flaming cord, entering your body and stimulating your chakra with strength and determination. Hold this connection for as long as you need to, surrendering to the waves of power and action; setting your courageousness ablaze.

Feel free to repeat this exercise as often as you need to throughout the rest of summer, choosing different flowers and exploring the different shades of red and the levels of intensity within them. Permit them to help you to find the courage and determination within so that you can fully embody your spring learnings, and implement your summer awakenings.

About the Author:

Jemma Louise Hunt is a poetic writer from South Wales, UK. She guides others in the art of Nature Connection, using the power of descriptive storytelling, poetry, and mindful invitations. Connect with her on Instagram @tales_fromawildwoman and share your own experiences using the exercises in this column.


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