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When a flamboyant Star became Poetry - based on a true story

On the day the Sun is closest to the Earth (read: Perihelion), here's a Poem about a fellow Star whose trending more than Helios currently (literally).

On November 2022, the Poet - K.B. Kiruthikarani - reached out to me sharing an intriguing sight - that of a star changing colors in the late night sky. This star was the embodiment of a techincolor rainbow, as was evident even in the phone video she shared. Later in December, I chanced upon it too - it was one step ahead of twinkling rather as if a light flashing in changing colors! The Poet informed upon research that - this phenomenon was because of "scintillation - the refraction of light by stars" or because of "scrambled starlight". Meanwhile, the Planet Mars which was closest to the Earth on 8th November was reported to project "surface coloration" - wherein this Poet observed the phenomenon in the evenings of 10-11th November. So, I suggested her to document her experience in her signature way - which is via Poetry.

On an ordinary night, before going to bed, never did I expect that:

A little peek out the window while closing the curtains could give me -

The chance to witness an exceptional magic in the sky;

The excitement that moment gave me was unmeasurable, absolutely;

For the very first time I observed a celestial body continuously change hues:

From white to rose to lemon to sapphire to lime -- flamboyant colours;

Quick transitions between show-stealing costumes, hundreds of times in seconds:

Its shine unmatched and unique, the sight entrancing me with its magical powers;

Quite some life, quite some magic, quite some excitement, quite a lot added:

To the dark and dull sky by this single skyling -

I wonder how many tricks yet does the night sky, the great magician:

Have to amuse and entertain the Earth before the Planet goes to sleep;

The Earth belongs to the sky too, although both antonyms in the dictionary.

And what if that day, by chance, could've been Earth's birth-day, and this magic could have been -

Just a surprise-show by one of her celestial counterparts;

Just as the same way,the Earth could be a magical sight too, when from another planet seen!

Meet the POET:

K.B. Kiruthikarani not only wrote her first poem but also became a published Author at just 8 years old! Thus, it was only fair that the ‘India Book of Records conferred her the title of “Youngest to Write a Book with Engrossing Short Stories” when she was 9. Read more about the Young Poet here.


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