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Can Poetry, Music, and the ARTS impact the Planet positively? - Watch the Podcast.

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Being an EARTHLING - the Podcast Episode 3

Poetry, Music, and the ARTS in general - how does it impact our living experience and the world at large positively? What inspires this creativity and what keeps us going despite the odds?

In episode 3 of the "Being an EARTHLING" Podcast", Poet, Musician, and Creative Soul - Jhane aka @quotedbyjhane joins Avilasha (the creator of the "Being an EARTHLING" Podcast) to introspect on the role poetry, music and the arts play in our lives and the impact they make, by tracing Jhane's own creative journey.

They begin by talking about the importance of "space for holding conversations" such as this. Jhane then gives a glimpse into her work, writings, and poetry via her Instagram @quotedbyjhane and introduces us to her music - thereby seeking the similarities and differences in the two - both poetry and music. This raises the greater question of whether poetry, music - the ARTS in general - if at all have the power to impact socio-political change in not just our local communities but also in the global realm. They also talk about the role of community in this aspect process and the greater notion of giving back to the planet via our skills. Ultimately what inspires this creativity, what keeps us going despite all odds, or is passion enough to get by?

Altogether, how "being Earthlings" - on this planet earth only temporarily - how is this experience/ journey impacting the CREATOR in us?

About the Guest:

Jhane is a Poet and a Musician who publishes her writings under the username @quotedbyjhane on Instagram and is a published Author of her debut poetry book. Her music is available on all streaming platforms and she goes by the Artist name "Sin City Records" on SoundCloud.

About the Podcast:

Created by Avilasha Sarmah, "Being an EARTHLING" - is a podcast that hosts creators from across the globe, and talks about their "creative journeys". It is sculpted from the belief that as "Earthlings" we are on this planet only briefly or rather visitors on earth. And if this life is a journey, how is this trip/travel inspiring the "Creator" in us?

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