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Can Poetry Save the World: Being an EARTHLING, the Podcast

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Being a Poet.

If you too identify as a Poet, Writer, or have any form of Art as your predominant skill and profession, I am sure you have wondered at this notion – that of “Being a Poet/(Insert your domain)” at some point or daily.

So, as Avilasha Sarmah, the Founder of EARTHLING’s (and the Being an Earthling Podcast) sat down with her old Delhi University mate Saweinii Laloo, who is a student of Literature, doing her current Research on “Female Poets of North-East India” at the North East Hill University, Shillong, both pondered upon the very same. Saweinii who is a seasoned Poet (you can find a glimpse of her writings on her Instagram - @saweinii_ ) felt reluctant to carry this valued term – that of Being a Poet – echoing the truth that drives creation – an Artist is never satisfied, and this eagerness for more drives us to keep bettering our craft.

Thus, as we trace Saweinii’s story of also being an Illustrator, finding solace in Art during a Writer’s Block, delve into her roots that poetry is helping her trace, and talk about the “CREATIVE PROCESS”, we also take upon another mammoth task, that of answering, whether “POETRY CAN SAVE THE WORLD or us?”

Watch the Full Video from the Poetry Earthlings YouTube.


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