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Learning Diversity in Creativity from Nature | two women of colour explore | Podcast

Not only are we on this planet briefly - being "travelers on Earth"- our life being the journey we are on, we are also the epitome of DIVERSITY - it's in our DNA, also replicated in NATURE, and is the literal SOUL of this planet. But why not in our man-made societies?

First, if we think of it, what are the ODDS of our existence? Us, earthlings, not one of us identical (like ever), the entirety of this universe comes together in a single moment of alignment for us to BREATHE and BE? And all of it "because of the diversity".

Now because this "being an earthling | the Podcast" is about making space for stories of fellow earthlings, DIVERSITY is an essential element of it.

So when two women of colour, Poets and Authors, two earthlings - set forth to explore their stories in a candid chat - DIVERSITY - kept coming in, something that they couldn't ignore, something that they had to acknowledge, something that made them the CREATORS that they are.

In this episode of the "being an earthling | the Podcast" host Avilasha Sarmah (Founder of, brings back Jhazzmyn Jhane, Black American Poet, Musician and Author to talk about, well, you got the gist!

Listen here:

INSIDE the EPISODE - being DIVERSITY in Creativity | being an earthling, the Podcast, Ep 3

This episode with Jhazzmyn Jhane, Poet and Musician, hosted by Avilasha Sarmah, covers the following themes:

  1. what on earth is "being an earthling"?!

  2. leading by example of our stories so far:

  3. exploring DIVERSITY - its impact, role, power and poetry in being two women of colour

  4. being a PUBLISHED Author and Poet - the creative process, being an indie Creator/Artist - going at it independently, self-marketing.

  5. using SOCIAL MEDIA to make a mark

  6. being a multifaceted / DIVERSE Creator - in all aspects

  7. learning diversity in creativity from nature


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