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Writing to Address the Elephant in the Room | Podcast

As we believe that our "journey on Earth, inspires the CREATOR in us", and we use whatever is our dominant creative outlet to express ourselves, most of us find "WRITING" to be a powerful tool which helps us live mindfully, happily and in good (mental) health.

And because we also believe that other people's journeys have the power to not only inspire but is a great means of knowledge sharing: in this episode, Avilasha (the creator and human behind this Podcast and talks to Poet, Writer and Columnist Steven Dee Kish, whose story echo this very sentiment - that of the therapeutic power of writing and how it can be used to address the "elephant in the room" - the difficult thoughts and feelings that we often avoid. It can further help us to process our emotions, heal from trauma, and connect with our inner selves. 

Steven's life story that reflects in his work - connect with him on social media at @address_the_elephant_intheroom - enhances the healing and therapeutic power of writing, his journey that he shares in the podcast, is testament to that. And in doing so, we realise, it is the "act of writing", the process of writing which is the key purpose and in doing so, art or poetry, has to be. 

This episode of the "being an earthling: the Podcast" has the following key themes:

  • First, what on earth is "being an earthling"?

  • Why "addressing the elephant in the room" caters to everybody, irrespective, because "Pain is Universal". 

  • How to Address the elephant in the room: Steven shares THREE WAYS to do it. 

  • WRITING to address the elephant - the power of writing and it's role as therapy. 

  • Being a Creator to be an earthling - an insider's take on the "Creative Process". 

  • Steven's story reflecting and leading by example. 

If you're struggling with difficult emotions or experiences, writing can be a valuable tool for your mental health. In this podcast, we'll show you how to use writing as therapy to address the elephant in the room and live a more fulfilling life.


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