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Being an Ocean to be a Creator | Being an Earthling, the Podcast

Are you a creator who finds inspiration in the natural world? Are you drawn to nature, and in her being, do you find art and the inspiration to create? Or are you curious about our connection with the wild and seek to deepen it?

In this episode of the “being an Earthling” Podcast, Avilasha Sarmah (Founder – of is joined by guest Amber Herzog Lyman, an Artist of multifaceted genre who finds inspiration from the Earth, particularly the ocean and its magnificent creatures, like whales and dolphins.

Amber's poetry is at the heart of her work, and she uses a variety of media, including film and music, to share her creative vision with the world. Based in the United States, her work spans about two decades and has taken her around the world to remote islands in the Pacific and Indian Ocean and Africa, which has nourished her connection with the ocean. Amber's creative process is grounded in her relationship with the Earth, and she is committed to using her skills to give back to the planet and live mindfully.

To give a brief of the Episode :

  • Being an Earthling – an accumulation of stories/travelogues of fellow earthlings inspired by our time on Earth to Create in awareness and appreciation. The podcast opens in reflection of the connection that we share with the Planet – our roots and that of us being Nature itself.

  • Being an Ocean – greater truths from the blue depths and the conscious wildlife underneath, drawing “creative inspiration” from the Ocean.

  • Being the Creator – a glimpse into Amber’s journey as a creator, projects old and new, and what it is like to be a multimedia Poet? Furthermore, talking about the “creative process” and the important role that yoga and meditation play in it.

  • Being Nature – key tips and shared rituals to enhance our connection with the natural world to improvise our life experience.

  • Being Success – the role of community building in knowledge sharing, the beauty and power of co-creating, drawing examples from Nature, and inspiration from the Art of Poetry with a focus on the earthling’s community.

After listening to this podcast, you'll feel the reflections come to life, experiencing poetry in the waves the next time you visit the ocean.

As mentioned earlier, watch Amber's award-winning documentary “Ocean Souls” on Amazon and Apple TV. Connect with her here.


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