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How to Become Authors and Creators we aspire and Desire to be | Podcast

As we say that our journey on Earth (read: lifetime on this planet) inspires the "CREATOR" in us, some of us could be Authors, yet to be Authors, some of us are Authors, some of us desire to be better: we all have aspirations, dreams, desires, but what if we told you that ULTIMATELY the whole act of writing / BECOMING an AUTHOR (or writing a book in this case) and about BEING A CREATOR (of any genre):

is about BEING IN THAT FLOW feeling?

How to achieve that? Mason and Avilasha discuss in this EPISODE.

Because ultimately, as visitors on Earth, this is our primary purpose: to make the most of our time on Earth by soaking in everything that inspires us to create, allowing that channel of expression, being in flow, and "being an earthling".

In this conversation with fellow Author Mason Schneider, Avilasha Sarmah, the host (and also an Author 😅) embarked upon the above realization when both drew parallels of shared practices like "Meditation", "tapping into Nature", "Inspired Action" and "chosen paths of Faith".

🧘‍♂️ This episode's Guest, Mason Schneider, a published Author of four books, adds to the equation another potent practice: YOGA. In his seeking of the "flow feeling," he eventually found a home in Sadhguru's yogic teachings.


1. How "being in flow" is the ultimate goal of being a Creator of any genre.

2. This echoes the definition of "being an earthling" itself as Avilasha gives context.

3. Mason and Avilasha talk about their shared love for Poetry, being out in Nature, and how that inspires Poetry.

4. the CREATIVE PROCESS in book writing: an insider take.

5. What is the definition of SUCCESS and if it is subjected but finds universality in the feeling of Flow?

6. The Power of Meditation and YOGA in not only being a Creator but also living a meaningful existence.

7. Everything is ENERGY - an alchemical realization

8. Being in FLOW is the ultimate destination

9. If money was no object, how would you be living?

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