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being a Poet in the age of Artificial Intelligence | being an earthling Podcast Episode

Beyond AI: Exploring the Challenges and Joys of Being a Poet Today - in conversation with Australian Poet Gavin Hanbridge.

While we believe that our journey/time on Earth INSPIRES the CREATOR in us, how does that look in the advent of Artificial Intelligence? Why take that into consideration? Because AI, threateningly so, can imitate none less than the Classics, the likes of Wordsworth and Keats in POETRY, or as we have seen in viral reels, popular Artists' original songs being sung in another artist's voice, is now a common phenomenon.

In this age of AI, how do we stay RELEVANT as a Creator, especially when we emphasize "creative expression being our soul identity" here at "being an earthling"? Do we even need to be concerned, or then how do we as Creatives use AI to our benefit?

What is like being a Poet in the age of Artificial Intelligence and Social Media?

These were the questions that lingered as Avilasha Sarmah (Founder: spoke to Sydney-based Australian Performance Poet and Writer, Gavin Hanbridge:


Listen/ Watch the Episode:

As Gavin and Avilasha explored the notion of "being a Poet" today in this episode of the being an earthling | the Podcast, these were HIGHLIGHTS of the conversation:


Seems like we cannot ignore AI no more, as Creators and Poets. But do we need to be threatened when it comes to copyright and the breach of intellectual property rights, going forward, in the context of machine-learning? Or are we just panicking for nothing because "inspired from within" content is always original. How then do we use AI to our benefit?

Can AI ever truly capture the essence and soul of human-crafted poetry?

Avilasha and Gavin delve into this intriguing debate, examining the potential and limitations of artificial intelligence in the realm of artistic expression.


How does TRAVELING inspire Creative Expression? Drawing from Gavin's time in Japan and Australia. Explore how diverse environments and new experiences ignite creative spark, weaving rich tapestries of words and emotions.


How did the PANDEMIC ignite and rekindle dormant Creative Expression in the realm of now or never, and or unveiling TRUTH in the guise of coping mechanism? Did the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic foster new avenues for artistic expression?


What does SUCCESS mean to a Creative? And the relationship with MONEY.

What does achieving success truly mean for an artist? Especially in the age of Social Media.


What on earth is "being an earthling"? Leading by example.


Know More about the "being an earthling Podcast", become a guest, and watch/read/listen to all episodes here.





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