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Through the Eyes of a Mystic: Poetry Reflection

Like a Sunrise in Nature, you will feel the awakening within as you read this collection.

Cradle of Creation

Cradle of creation, light heating a morning sky. Each day, another chance to live with love, joy, and compassion for all. Experiencing truth with every step, had to lose my mind to see clearly. Look deep into those ancient eyes, and realize we have always been here together.

Endless content consumption, mushy brains soaked in dopamine, misfiring perceptions. Question it all, are the observer and observed really separate? On the edge of a mystery, everyday one step closer to becoming the mystery. Dreaming of a journey to the stars, beam me up, Scottie.

Settle into existence, galactic tones echoing from a forgotten sanctuary. Can you see how words create limits? The word that can be spoken or trodden is not the eternal word, unnameable and unspeakable. Floating on air without a care, over meadows and streams. Delightful sense of peace in dying to the little things.

True Wealth

People talk about getting rich, sounds like a gas. The one who knows, that which he has to be enough, is truly rich. Nothing worse than always wanting more. Enjoy the richness of existence, just don’t get caught up in that cotton fiber.

When the last tree is burned, and the last drop of oil exhausted, the whole of mankind will realize, we can’t eat money. Breaking our backs in fields picking, fingers bleeding, just to get mountain top rich. Don’t wait till the last day, to lay your riches upon heaven, safe from moth and rust, crumbling illusion. Inflated attachment to passing pleasures, where thieves hide in rose thickets, ready to pounce on joy.

Money never buys pleasure, skillful tactics always for enjoyment. Slow burning fuse, sparkler on a string, just gunna watch it? Spring to action at a moment's notice, ready for what’s to come. Grab your spirit stick, and douse the blaze with waterfalls of love. Flooding rivers with crude, contaminating innocence, destroying terrariums. Break the glass, let Mother Nature do Her thing. Move aside, creation’s roots fertilized in ashes, ready to inherit true wealth?

Narrow Gate

Mindset melting, dusty remains of flesh collecting in forgotten corners. Silky webs spinning, creature of habit at center. Feasting on frustration forevermore, cut this root and stem. Siphon what serves, new state of being seeping into your system.

Accept the weight of this moment, birth of responsibility burgeoning. Take the reins, enter through the narrow gate. Few ever discover this hidden path, even fewer have the courage to take their first step. When you begin on the way, the way appears, co conspire a mysterious existence.

Fly to the other side of the sea, can we watch the sunrise, Father? Just one more time, tunneling to a shiny star. Will you be there in the morning to laugh and to cry with me? The rhythm of our heart is the birth and death of all that live. Come and sit with me, you who were before space and time.

Meet the Poet:

My name isn’t important, In Lak’ech. I am you and you are me, come look into my verse for it’s been eternally branded by the Sun. These words come from the depths of my being, I have only been writing poetry for a couple years but I love writing them and sharing them.

My hope is that someone out there will read my words and be inspired to live their lives with love, joy and compassion for all, this includes yourself. I am 33 years young, and battled mental illness in my twenties. Was laying around doing very little with my life after I graduated from the University of Louisville, and not appreciating all that the unnameable had given me. I started running lost 80 pounds, and have never looked back.

We are all Sons and Daughters of the most High, as above so below, let’s walk hand in hand together back to the garden of our creation.

A Mystic.

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