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SUMMER through a Poet's Eyes - Sonnets and other Nature Poetry

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Sonnets for the season -

Oh! the dry wind of summer hails again-

precursor to impending summer rain;

the scorched regions and hills, fume, fret and cry,

the Brook's water too hath run parched and dry.

The boughed and burnt down trees too, screech and wail;

O wind! thou hast made us so sere and frail.

The drooping flowers are no more in trance;

with half wilted stems, they just look askance.

The deer, no more gay, in frolic and fun

when, doth, by nature's wrath, the forest burn;

why then, should hail the summer blithely so,

when no such keen respite it doth bestow?

What soothing thought could still and calm this pain,

except the hope of foamy spring again?

(Sonnet by R.S. Find more of her work via her Instagram @thepoetrywindmill)

Tell me of Summertime

Tell me of summertime, speak of the flowers,

Sing of the sparrows with sweet melodies,

Laugh like the river whose banks we would scour,

Whisper the kiss of the tentative breeze.

Tell me of summertime, gaze at the trees,

Run through the fields of ambrosial hay,

Savour the honey of diligent bees,

Show me the meadows, the dunes, and the glades.

Tell me of summertime, take me away

To halcyon beaches with chateaux of sand,

Banish the shadows with memories of day,

Soar to the sunshine which lit up the lands.

Tell me of summertime, let me recall,

Then I will not fear the advent of Fall.

(Sonnet by Loredana P. Kint (@loredana_poetry), a New Zealand-based poet with a focus on nature poetry and children's poetry. She has self-published two books, "Reflections" and "What Are You Made Of?" She is passionate about bird conservation.)

A Summer Song for Lovers (if music be the food of love)

She drifts so gently o’er the vernal winds

And plays her tunes so softly through my mind

Her voice like crystal chimes as she doth sing

A melody for me, for all mankind

In heaven, angels tune their tender hearts

And Cupid strings his bow, and takes his aim

The soaring larks won’t top the notes she charts

In overtures to love’s eternal flame

The sweetest summer rose can’t match her scent

Nor brightest morning sun outshine her glow

The darkest clouds of rain can only rend

Kaleidoscopes of colour in her bows

For lovers ev’rywhere she sings her song

To fill their hearts with joy, all summer long

(Sonnet by Michael Hunter, a self taught poet who lives near the Atlantic coast in beautiful North Devon, England, and finds inspiration in nature, landscape, relationships and folklore. Michael also runs poetry writing workshops and occasionally takes part in spoken word events, expressing views on politics, environmentalism, societal issues and conservation…and love, of course.)

And other Summer Poetry:

It's just another dawn in my garden

when the scorching sun rays

try to whither the marigolds

off their charisma and their colours bold

I see an unfazed sparrow

taking food in her tiny beak

to her abode, on a tree

for her hungry little ones making a plea

the little ants and worms

are busy with their trips in the mud

moving in an out making holes

the hedges and the plants

thanking them for their roles

the skies turn their colours from blue to grey

swelled up with clouds full of life

for the marigolds and the sparrow

for the ants and the worms

whose hopes are becoming narrow

down came the drops of pristine hope

quenching the verdant surroundings

to the last dry corner of the lawn

Voila, nature plays its role from dusk to dawn!

(Poem by Meenakshi Malhotra who seeks new avenues of poetry for growth, for writing poems gives her little spurs of freshness and a sense of belonging.)

How did it feel - looking at Summer via Poetry? Let us know at Poetry Earthlings Instagram

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