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Walking into Wonderland in a Poetry Book

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Exploring a Nature-themed Poetry book - "The Uninitiated by Douglas Thronton".

Although Douglas and I have been Instagram acquaintances, I experienced the true beauty of his writing for the first time via his Summer piece for EARTHLINGs, as "The Mid-Summer Ceremony" inspired me to look at the Season differently via a Poet's eyes. Thus, when he shared his Poetry Book with me, I had a feeling it would be an experience worth reliving.

True to thought, "The Uninitiated by Douglas Thronton" feels like walking into “Alice’s Wonderland” except this magical, mystery land is echoed in the Nature that thrives around us, ever so freely and abundantly. Their enchantment re-enacted in the Poet’s love for the natural world.

Through a “Forest Opening,” as the collection begins, you will feel a sense of invitation, more of a pull to a land etched in curiosity. As the Poet re-enacts wonder drawing from observing nature simply being. The storytelling will entice you to keep going. Resuming your walk of awe as the first piece sets the tone, your next treat will be the “Green Mountains” - willing you to commune with these great sentinels in wisdom and depth echoed in the verses. And then looming in the skies over the towering mountains, you’ll notice the “Hunter’s Moon” “illuminated by the far away sun” echoing the spiritual in us calling at our “animal spirit” .

Threading further, deeper, into the realm of spirits, the Poet gives us a taste of the “Thunder Spirit” brought forth by ‘orange clouds withholding incoming rain, followed by the “Water Spirit” upon “an ethereal surface” that guides our heart. These ripples from every fibre of nature’s being are “vibrations of the universe” that we seek, seeking us too.

Then the Author shows us the world through the fore-mentioned “Poet’s Eyes” via pieces like “Offspring”, “The Approach” and "the Mid-Summer Ceremony”. This is when storytelling takes center stage wherein told from nature as the storyteller's POV via pieces like “The Bowl-Carver”, “The Grass-Piper” or the “Cloud Gatherer” to name a few.

Traveling through the seasons of time itself, this book begins with an opening, followed by creating a momentum that gains speed in a mid-summer vibe. This is when the stories come to life, holding the reader’s attention, reaching a crescendo and slowly fading into Winter.

Like experiencing a painting crafted in appreciation, Douglas' poems feel like personal journeys from travels in this brief journey called life (or what we refer to here as being an earthling). Thus, as I sat down on a random afternoon to read, I felt the same vibe as if listening to a musician play the flute in concentration, the melody carried in the wind, echoing the one in my soul.

The Uninitiated by Douglas Thronton is a book you’d want in your collection, such that you can keep going back to it when the wonder starts to fade, to be realigned again. Available to purchase here.

Meet the Writer:

Avilasha is the Founder of and is the human behind @poetry_earthlings and @storyteller_earthling.

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