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Wild Woman meets the Green Man: (not the usual folklorian love)

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

A wild woman takes us to the brooding wilds of South Wales, UK, in her tales and invites us to embrace Nature's Mindfulness:

A photo of a Wales Woodland with a spider's web catching the sunlight.

After dark when the land is still and the forest is shrouded in vacant stillness, I am undressed under the canopies by the Green Man. 

Guardian of the seasonal energies, partner to my Wild Woman spirit. We make love until the sun rises and the whispers of the forests come alive.

Upon which I return to the Ladies lovingly ravished, with quill in hand and the remnants of foliage in my hair, to commune with the plants and the trees through poetry and gratitude.

And within the privacy of our Circle and the unfolding of truths, the Ladies slowly rise in the collective. An unearthing of their authentic, Wild Essence...

Very early into my meditation journey I went in search of my spirit guide. I was lost and purposeless and the advice coming from most of the self-help books at the time - emulate the gifts of others until you find your own - didn't align with my soul values; so, I turned my attention inwards. I looked to the stories locked within each of my chakras, I opened my heart space and awakened my personal power through frequencies and mantra, and slowly but surely my spirit guide revealed himself.

Shot of a forest in Wales, UK where the sunlight shines through the trees

He came to me, as a tall, masculine figure of a man. A golden Sun King with bronzed skin and defined muscles. He sat before me, his glowering stare penetrating me from across the herdsman's table, and like a God of Sexuality he turned up the heat on every meditation practice. He led me through meditative woodlands and ancient spaces, where he ravished me lovingly with weathered hands and wide, caramel eyes that roused my soul with ancestral Druid wisdom. He was terrifying yet mesmerising, lifting me out from the depths of my soul's despair and carrying me towards the water's edge, where he satiated the barren wasteland that had been the source of my stagnant desire. He beckoned me towards fear, beyond a lifestyle of comfort and ease, and through repeated visualisation and love-filled affirmation my confidence grew.

Art of a goddess woman being serenaded by the green man

Last year at the peak of midsummer, I felt his presence outside of meditation, encountering him on numerous occasions in the old pine woods. Akin to spirit, an echo of time past, he unceremoniously invaded my personal practice. I wrote about these encounters privately for fear of ridicule and disbelief as such fanciful stories can be seen as little more than the imaginations of an overactive mind. But He shone a light on my truth. He is the reason I came home to Nature Connection, for He is the vessel that bridges the space between the land's energies and my personal readings. He taught me to live life as a Seasonal being, planting within me his seed of knowingness and connection that ultimately unfolded into the Wild Woman.

Photo of a forest in Wales, UK where sunlight bathes the trees and dry brown leaves fill the ground

It was in the sanctuary of the pine woodland - many years after our first encounter in meditative daydreams - that I first heard His name; the Green Man. It was revealed to me as all nature wisdom reveals itself, through a transcendental awareness that I cannot explain. A sense, a knowing on a level of consciousness that is intangible. I explored the Green Man and what he represented for me before eventually researching the name, and what I encountered astounded me; for the story of the Green Man is a real, mythic legend. A Pagan Horned God who represented the same journey of death, rebirth and spring awakening that I had undertaken with my mysterious, deific spirit guide...

Green man original artwork by a wild woman

Don't let the world tell you that magic is for children. Age and experience taught me that there are levels of consciousness that are long lost to modern day society, but the remnants remain hidden within our DNA, just waiting to be rediscovered. I was a seer and I carried gifts from a young age but I truly believe that every single one of us can unearth our very own magic when we learn to heed our intuition rather than blindly riding the tailcoats of another’s journey. Heal your energy centre, open your heart space and view the world through the eyes of gratitude and unconditional love. Welcome all that is uniquely weird and wonderful about your potent essence, for there is a whole world of personal power waiting for you when you open up to the potential of your inner alchemy.


Stay beautiful and be wild,

Jemma x

How to attract our "SPIRIT GUIDE" or the "Green Man to our Wild Woman"? In PART II, the Author shares a step-by-step Meditative Guide.


Jemma Louise Hunt is a poetic writer from South Wales, UK. She guides others in the art of Nature Connection, using the power of descriptive storytelling, poetry, and mindful invitations. Connect with her on Instagram @tales_fromawildwoman and share your own experiences using the exercises in this column.

© Original Photos by the Author. Artwork subject to copyright of Artists.

Artefact of the Wild Woman in a garden wall

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