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An Invite to “Enkindle your Sensuality” with the Summer Foxgloves!

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Wild woman, Jemma Louise Hunt, takes you to the brooding wilds of South Wales via her words and images.

The wild Foxgloves are a vehement flower. They grow tall and proud, their curved, pendulous, and bell-like flowers, representing the soft contours of the feminine figure. Their energy is tantric, like the seductive energies of summer and they often share with us intense messages referring to sensuality and passion.

Foxgloves are a biennial flower that populates much of the countryside throughout the months of May - July. They grow in various shades, from a delicate white and gentle baby pink to deep, dark fuchsia, and I notice that the darker the shade of pink, the more intensely the tantric energies reach out to us.

I often stop to look at them, enamoured by their tall and amorous presence; maybe you do too?

Perhaps your eyes trail the voluptuous yet poisonous flower heads and you are reminded of the woman of your desires? How she draws you in with her own alluring nectar, often leading to intoxicating consequences. The enticing way in which the pink fabric of her dress clings to her curves, the sway of her body as she moves, hypnotic, like a throng of foxgloves swaying in the evening breeze. While the silken petals revisit memories of tentative caresses and the hungry kisses you placed upon her velvet skin.

Bees love the foxglove's bell flowers. They are ever-alluring, calling to the bees, inviting them to play their role in pollination. Thus, it is usual to see at least two of the little, furry insects busily working, pollinating every flower. It is that time of year when nature is courting and reproducing, and this is often reflected in human society.

Or perhaps the ovate flowers represent yourself as a woman and the secret deep longing to express your sensuality and feminine qualities, freely, without societal shame and judgment. To connect with your impassioned wild self, and accept the invitation to explore her. Traversing hidden fantasies and unpeeling metaphorical layers until you stand before the world naked in your true expression.

The Foxglove is a dangerous and mighty crimson Goddess, towering over the fields and hedges, symbolizing vivaciousness and self-assurance, and all that is beautiful about female sensuality and desire. She is here to remind us to be bold and confident in our own desirability and seduction, and to explore our passion wherever we might find it.

A Mindful Invitation:

Next time you encounter a wide variety of Foxglove growing in the wild, sit with them. Close your eyes and breathe in their delicate, floral scent. Breathe deeply for several breaths, inhaling their sensual energy. Let it flow up through your nose and down into the deep depths of your body, igniting your lower chakras and personal power. If it helps, visualise this energy as a colour. You might try visualising colours of passion and sensuality such as rich reds, fiery orange, or deep fuchsia similar to that of the foxglove petals.

And when you feel inspired to open your eyes, look upon the foxgloves again. Are you drawn to a particular flower? If so, go towards it and sit before it. Open yourself to all that the flower has to share with you. You might feel inspired to repeat the above exercise, or to look deeper into the flower. Cast your eyes along the extended, perpendicular stem, and trace the mottled petals - But remember DO NOT reach out and touch the flower; respect that this is a dangerous liaison.

Looking at the flower of your choosing, pay attention to the colour of the petals; are they a pastel shade or do they lean towards the intense darker shades? Ask yourself whether this hue represents the current levels of sensuality within your own body and/or your confidence to express it? If not, might you have chosen this flower to empower you in embodying your sensuality and desire going forwards?

There is no right or wrong answer in this exercise. As with all Mindfulness practices, it is simply an invitation to observe your body in the present moment and open your mind to any personal insight that might be of value to you.

Carry the tantric energies of the Foxgloves with you for the rest of the day and watch how the world looks on at you through enchanted eyes.

About the Author:

Jemma Louise Hunt is a poetic writer from South Wales, UK. She guides others in the art of Nature Connection, using the power of descriptive storytelling, poetry and mindful invitations. Connect with her on Instagram @tales_fromawildwoman

and share your own experiences using the exercises in this column.

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