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How to Realistically Save the Environment by taking cue from Nature

A Gen Z Creator's POV -"choosing Aspiration over Devastation" to save the Environment by being an earthling:

a young person enjoying nature, arms spread wide atop a cliff

One might contest that the environment is the most important issue in our world right now. I would agree with this to a certain extent, and I am sure that many others would as well. Much of social media is dominated by campaigns for change, and over half the UK population would agree that the climate is in a dire situation. But when it comes to improving this situation rather than merely ‘raising awareness’ to it on social media, there is little action taken. People are keen to reflect on the downfall of our environment: the idea that we are without any chance of saving the earth within the incoming future. And I do not blame them for their fears. I too feel just as aggravated, as frustrated at this ecological despair as they do.

However, I also understand the obstacle that a pessimistic attitude is to tackling our environment’s deterioration. If one is told there is no hope and is only shown examples of areas beyond repair, they will not know how to help. They will want to help; they may speak passionately about the disaster and be filled with intense emotions over the situation. But if they are not given a tangible reason to help, they will not.

a young girl holding a placard about climate change on a street

We cannot force each other to focus on philosophical abstractions when it comes to creating motivation. One cannot attempt to project into a future centuries ahead, as they will always be riddled with uncertainty. We need to focus on the present, so that we may see the evidence of our efforts, even if that evidence is only minute, blooming into light. This will help us to understand that what we do now will aid a long-term cause, and the mass global climate crisis that is our everyday will no longer be so daunting.

Yes, saving our environment is about tainting our perception. The media may channel to us only the disastrous nature of our surroundings, but we must take the time to open our eyes and notice what is still thriving; the thick heady flowers of every summer: the lavenders, hydrangeas, roses, and gladioli. The shimmering green of the grass, the browning of the fields, and rolling apples of orchards. And then the rivers: the frothing rush of water, the ruffling splash against the rocks. The mist upon our skin. The aromas of the earth, filling our lungs. Yes, the simple beauties of life that make our days the rich and fulfilling hours they are.

a girl enjoying nature out in nature and being an earthling

So I reiterate, there is a cause to be maintained. There is a miracle to be preserved and saved.

We must be the ones to see that; to teach others that and fall in love with nature all over again. As soon as we do, there will be a reason to make a difference, a gleaming spark of incentive that we can carry on into forever.

But we cannot make a global impact on our own. Collectively and gradually we will see the fruits of our labours transforming what we thought unable to transform. The process will not be instant, and that’s okay. One must first learn to walk before they can run. So, I call for us to gather together, and through the splendour of art, music, and poetry, promote a spirit of hope for our earth’s future. We are not fortune tellers; we cannot see what will come of tomorrow. Yet we can see what will come of today. So put your efforts into seeing the simple joys of your works come to fruition, and have faith that those joys will, like the fire, spread into a brighter blaze. Remember, even planting a flower is, in a sense, changing the world.

Meet the Author:

Angelina Klein is a teenage poet and writer. She attends a youth council forum where she has the chance to voice her opinions, get involved in campaigns, and hold questionnaires with key members of the community. Her passion for preserving nature filters through her words; she participates in open-mic poetry evenings and has her work published on various sites. She wishes to spend all her days writing to make a difference and inspire, for she believes life deserves to be seen in full colour, and that sometimes to bring the colour to a greyscale scene, we must become the painter. Connect with APJ on Instagram @apj.klein.poetry.

a message on a cardboard box about climate change

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