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Poetry that will take you to the Mountains: a micro collection

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

As you read these micro poems by Tricia Sankey, you will feel like you are on a hike, communing with the river, rendezvousing with wildflowers, drawing reflections, finding instances of mountain poetry within.

the ice-capped mountain peak feels like poetry across  the lake

On lovely hike

small chunks of light

behind my eyes

It’s burning there

while river speaks in rhymes

I finally learn

to breathe

and I never turn back

the silhouette of mountains on lake waters look like poetry

The Earth has changed

There’s been five seasons

just this year

the rocks confide in rolling braille

I read each line with

gentle lips

My eyes slant down

the colors swim

they call my name

I taste one drop

tt swallows me

a yellow wildflower rain-drenched

The faeries saved

their magic at every chance

In chilled thrills

she stole it all

with sultry glance

while sky

stood still

and watched

a mountain lake that feels like poetry

In my fantasy

we jump

as mountains freeze

We fly!

wildflowers in the mountains are poetry

Your smile seeps into

dry rustling bones

with cataclysmic consequence

We steal back Paradise

just to set it ablaze!

bunch of wildflowers make a beautiful gift

His budget only allowed for

freshly picked forest flowers

and whimsical wishes

He wasted them

all on one

silly girl

Meet the Poet:

Tricia Sankey has an MFA in Writing and has published a novella on Amazon: The Light in the Cave. She has also had her flash fiction and poems published in various literary journals and print anthologies. She is active on twitter @triciasankey and Instagram @micropoetrybytricia. You can also find her works at

serene blue waters of a lake in the mountains is poetry

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