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Tracing Colors of the Sky from Mythical Mountains | A Greek Odyssey

"Mythical Mountains" was composed by the Poet while exploring the Greek mountains (being an earthling), and was shared in response to the @poetry_earthings prompt: "How is July coloured in your part of the Earth? Say it in a Nature Poem".

sunset viewed from a mountain top in Greece, with the sea in the backdrop

I look upwards Following the trail of mountain nymphs, the ancient Oreads, To the top of the lofty mountain. A volcanic outcrop As old as the ancients, Sitting broad across the land. The mountain resembles an old man Caressed by the heat of the July sky above. He shares a burnished blue coat With Helios, the dancing sun god In the swelter of the day.

Gleaming hushed ripples of waves down below Speak truths And throw them out to the vast horizon. The Oreads seek this truth! The sky, the host of summer, Temperamental and looming, Burns with an honest desire for Artemis, the huntress and Nature’s protector of truth.

a woman witnessing a sunset sitting on top of a hill in Greece

The climb is steep.. Parched, the Oreads drink from hidden droplets of rainwater, Caught amidst low branches of ancient fig trees. There they rest a while laughing with careless dryads, sharing stories of divine lovers. Finally arriving at the pinnacle, They stand grounded.. The heat of the day released From the highest almighty stone, Dry sweat cools their stony brows.

A pilgrimage for truth… As Artemis looks to her lover Orion, And the Goddess Athena laughs: “Mortals are forever destined to seek truth! Like pushing boulders uphill No one can help them..” The sacred owl echoes her words,”Aleithia!” Guided by the setting sun, The Oreads return with truths To the crystalline waters Dancing towards the distant horizon.

Terms in Greek mythology: Oread: nymph of mountains and hills. Dryad: tree fairy Aleithia: Greek word meaning “True” Artemis: Goddess of the hunt Athens: Goddess of truth Owl: symbol of truth.

Meet the Poet:

My name is Sonia and I’m thrilled to be escaping into nature’s arms and climbing ancient mountains with mythical gods from my Greek heritage in my poem: "Mythical Mountains".

Over this summer the July skies called out to be reached and I felt the heart of nature in my heart of acceptance. In huge appreciation to Avilasha for her inspiration, support, and encouragement to heal, gain insight, and be free.

Connect with the Poet at @tenacrewoods on Instagram.

view of the sea which appears blue from a rugged rocky cliff

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