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Real Life Phoenix rising: Poetry about the return of a Bird.

The California Condor's remarkable comeback from the brink of extinction, is indeed poetry. This bird was once an endangered species and is now a conservation success story. In this Poem, the Poet takes us through the bird's journey to rise and homecoming but with a word of caution to continue with the efforts, nonetheless.

a california Condor in flight is poetry

O Condor, before the mammal with their furrowed brow

Laid their claims with gun and plough

You, prime vulture, would boundlessly glide and soar

Above the dreaming of a desert,

Above the dreaming of prodigious patient mountains, rivers, lakes and waterfalls,

Above the dreaming of a rugged, watchful windswept shore.

But from the hunters' dread lead

And the farmers' pesticide

You, Condor, could not hide

So to death you were near wed.

But aided by science

And human care

Back from the brink

You have come -

Giant bird of the sun.

In silence you ascend

A spacious, pristine sky

Aloft and poised

In its azure breath

All harm you defy.

O soar Condor, soar !

Soar upon the wind's fierce roar,

O sky - climber, climb !

Climb evermore.

Stupendous is your exhalted flight,

You, once ancient sacrificial bird,

Now awakened in brilliant light,

Ecstatic sky-dancer of heights unheard.

O revelation, majestic !

O Condor, sky-mystic !

Astounding is your flight of easy might-

O splendid, fantastic bird-

Miracle made manifest, ignited by the word.

O what beauty, Your Condor grace!

So high you sky as if your wings

Near brush the supernal face -

Thunderbird of uncommon space,

Ahigh, alive in rapture's embrace.

O soar Condor, soar!

Soar upon the wind's fierce roar

O soar evermore

O Condor, bold. O Condor, prodigious,

Enormous scavenger most gregarious,

Carcasses of goat, bear and deer

Make for you a meal- as do too

Carcasses of whale, shark and seal

A california Condor bird's comeback is indeed poetry

But without ongoing conservation

And decisive political action

The hunters' dread lead

Could still spell your extinction.

O soar, ceremonial bird of death and mourning,

Bird of ritual rebirth and renewal,

Bird of power- most cosmic, most spiritual.

O soar Condor, soar!

How precious is your life

How precious are your days

Rare is your aerial swooping gaze -

A primal prayer of wonderous praise-

All praise to your Creator. All praise

And here I stand

A man of earth

Bound so from birth,

A witness to your enduring flight

I pray Condor and Human, stay this night.

O soar Condor, soar!

Soar upon the wind's fierce roar

O soar, evermore.

Meet the Poet:

This Poem titled "California Condor" (2021) is an original piece by Bernard James McVeigh. Check out more of the Poet's work and connect with them at @hopefortoday1956

(The California Condor's images are sourced from Pinterest ©)

Image of two birds flying is poetry

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