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Unleashing the Inner Artist: Drawing Inspiration from Our Journey on Earth

Gallery Artist, Illustrator, Painter, Designer, and now a student of Art, Megan Stockhill shares her journey of "being an earthling" that inspired the ARIST within:

a female artist in a gallery with artwork hanging on the wall in the backdrop

being an Artist - featuring Megan Stockhill


As we are on this planet briefly, I believe that our trip on Earth inspires the “CREATOR” in us. Like when we are traveling, travel inspires us to express ourselves in whatever is our dominant form of creative expression (basically what gives us joy). How would you DEFINE the CREATOR in you?


I believe that God created all things. As our Grand Creator, He has lovingly given us all the ability to be creative. So, when I think of my inner creator, I see it as an expression of gratitude for this beautiful planet I was put on.

Whether painting, drawing or even styling an outfit, it's an opportunity to stop overthinking things and start noticing and celebrating the things that bring me joy:

vivid colours, delicious food, interesting plants, animals and people... My inner creator is the voice reminding me to relax and express my thankfulness

an artwork collage


If we are to look at our lifetime on earth, as a trip that we are briefly on, what would be some of the HIGHLIGHTS of your journey that you feel shaped you as an Artist? 

For instance, what would be some of the KEY TURNING POINTS in your creator story?


Living abroad, first in Costa Rica and now in the UK, has definitely shaped my worldview.

Getting out of your comfort zone is a great inspiration to create art that has true meaning and character.

You learn about new cultures, how to be self-sufficient and adaptable, and how to build 

relationships with people of other backgrounds. You also experience new art, architecture, flora, fauna, and street styles, go to the theatre or the ballet, and try new foods. These are all brilliant sources of inspiration and growth! 

Also, becoming a wife has been a huge turning point in my journey. Growing in love for another human, building a life together, and overcoming challenges as a team have helped me mature and find deep satisfaction and purpose in life. I firmly believe that we are designed to create connections with others, which allow us to become better communicators and learn to be vulnerable, trusting, and selfless

a painting


I know that you are a traveler otherwise, how have your travels inspired your art/creations?


Living in Costa Rica was an endless source of visual inspiration. I got to experience colours and landscapes that I never would have otherwise. I'm French Canadian, and it's not every day you get to see parrots in your back garden where I'm from! The flora and fauna there have 

inspired some of my best paintings and poems. 

And living in Northern Ireland has been joyously creative. There is a thriving artistic community here in County Down and Belfast. I've enjoyed taking painting classes at Boom Studios in Bangor and have just started a part-time art course at South Eastern Regional College

I also loved my experience of travelling to Spain last year! The city of Alicante was a massive source of inspiration and has a delightful fine art museum. I even got to see my first original Dalí there! 

a photo closeup of a girl with flowers on her head


Who are your icons, favourite creators, and or people whose life story inspire you?  


There are so many! Some of the artists and designers that inspire me the most are Henri Matisse, André Derain, Vladimir Kush, Wassily Kandinsky, Anna Sui, Jeremy Scott, Vincent Van Gogh, Betsey Johnson, René Magritte, Andy Warhol, Yayoi Kusama, Gustav Klimt...there are too many to name!

I'm drawn to creators with bold, free, and colourful styles who aren't afraid to be a bit eccentric. 

Regarding role models in life,,I really admire my husband. He is a patient, hard-working, and honest man who always makes me laugh. I also really respect my girlfriends, Alyson, Mia, Ellie, Myriam, Marianne, Tamy, Carol and many more. They are all genuine, capable women who are also very caring. 


If YOU were your FAVOURITE CREATOR, WHY would you be? 


I would want to be Matisse. His use of colour rocked the art world of his time, so much so that he was called a "fauve" (French for "wild cat"). I would love to be remembered that way for expressing the way I see the world, even if it's too whimsical for other people's tastes

artwork in bright pastel


Why do you think that people with ADHD & synesthete (based on your experience) are mostly likely to start their own business? 


It's a bit of a stereotype, but many people like myself who have ADHD and synesthesia are very creative, and that lends itself well to coming up with new ideas. I always feel restless unless I do something artistic or imaginative several times a week

art portrait of a dark skinned baby boy


I believe SUCCESS is a feeling and like all feelings is subjective based on experiences (as opposed to a universal definition). How do you define success? 


Success to me has less to do with fleeting things like money, looks, or popularity and more with someone's character and how genuine they are. Success means being the kindest, most self-aware, and honest version of yourself while cultivating solid relationships with others and building a healthy family unit

Q. If money were no object, how would you be living?


I would travel worldwide and take classes in various art mediums! And buy loads and loads of art supplies! 

a colourful artwork of butterflies in a city setting


Finally, if you were to define how it is to being an Artist/what is it like to be an Artist to an alien / basically someone who no idea, how would you? What does ART mean to you?


To me, art is an outward expression of who you are and what you stand for. Whether painting, dancing, sculpting, or cooking, it's an extension of your feelings and ideas. In the truest sense, an artist makes you see the world in a new and original way and continually seeks opportunities to refine their artistic skills

a girl in a green field carrying fresh vegetables

About the Segment:

The "being an earthling FEATURES" series makes space for stories of fellow earthlings inspired by our respective journeys on Earth and is a written segment of the Podcast created with the same intention by Avilasha Sarmah, the OG earthling at


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