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being Nature, being Poetry - Inspired by a Book

This isn’t a book review, I am no reviewer. This is but a reflex act of writing about it because I was inspired to. Or you could say an act of being an earthling. (What?)

A pink coloured nature poetry book with a yellow butterfly on the cover

A book arrived in the mail! (Are you too one of those rare people who gets excited about books in the mail?) But this one was special because I had a very tiny part to play in it. I was asked to write the “Foreword” by the Author. So I more or less knew the content but it is such a joy to see a book come to life physically – one that you can hold in your hands, smell, and feel (I would choose paperbacks over ebooks, given I have the choice). Furthermore, I was also excited because the Author was this young Poet (already published with three books to her credit and she is only 12!) who inspired me (obviously!) - and not just because she had been a young achiever (which is pretty commendable) but more so because of her love for nature and poetry inspired by it.

Backcover of a nature poetry book introducing the Author

I first met K.B.Kiruthikarani via her poetry – she had written a couple of "nature poems" for the poetry_earthlings prompts. My aspiration for Poetry Earthlings has been to seek out Nature Poetry that makes me feel the way nature makes me feel – like when I am reading a poem and it calls out to me, makes me feel nature’s aliveness because the Poet has captured the essence of it in their verses – and to nourish these high feeling content in a space that probably encourages others to tap into their connection/our connection with the natural world, or to sum it “bring the FOCUS back to nature via poetry”. To answer the WHY, you ought to visit @poetry_earthlings and feel for yourself:

And this prodigy Poet inspired me via her commitment to cherishing and showcasing the beauty of nature. While she would show up on her social media with nature poems regularly, rather the fact that she chose to write and keep the magic of nature alive, was beautiful.

Thus, I was super excited about her nature poetry collection titled “DEWDROPS – a gallery of nature poetry”.

A nature poetry book page that shows a jujube fruit poem

But what was unexpected was how the book had been designed: not only do the 60 poems highlight and paint nature’s varied colours and plethora, every page stands out with the photographic representation, or you could say every page is adorned in nature colours – bright yellow aligned with a poem’s mood to the grace of birds, nurturing forested greens, the allure of blue sandy beaches, the seasonal palette and more! When I say opening the book lifts me, I am serious! I flip pages to find a Royal Bengal’s striped beauty, a parrot’s green adorning another, summertime yellow calling out to me, fireflies and the moon, fiery flowers, and flamboyant flamingos. But when the poet mentions, “earthlings” I am over the same moon now.

A nature poetry book page that shows a royal bengal tiger and a haiku about it

All of it makes me want to go out and look at nature for the billionth time but with fresh eyes – because like I said in the foreword, “I believe – writing poetry inspired by Nature is looking at the world through the eyes of Source/God – which explains why it feels so uplifting in not only writing but also reading it.”

Foreword of a nature poetry book page.

Do go and check out the book here.

If have written a book and would want to share it with me, let’s connect or find me at @beinganearthling on Instagram.

Meet the Writer:

Avilasha Sarmah is the Founder and Creator of and the human behind the brand. Know more and connect with her @storyteller_earthling

Three Books with leaves on top as decor

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